Bill Johnston, left, was a lanky, gritty golfer and when he reached the semifinals of the 1956 PGA Championship, one East Coast newspaper headline referred to him as ‘The No-one from Nowhere, Utah.' [Photo: Bill Johnston]

Bill Johnston’s heyday was a generation ago, maybe even two. All that remain are the stories and even those are fading — if you can even find them. Now 94, Johnston experienced a life in golf that was as wide ranging as any before or since. His outspoken ways, though, may be why he remains so conspicuously absent from the game’s history. 

Johnston simply loved golf, but he loved the captivating bookkeeper he met in a car dealership showroom in 1953 even more. 


The Weekly Briefing

If the Players Championship is indeed the fifth major, then it now becomes the first major by virtue of the schedule makers in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., moving its recent May date back to March — next week, specifically.

But the Players' return to earlier on the calendar won't be like returning home from college and hoping to see the old bedroom looking the same. Nope, the Players Championship will award a spiffier champions trophy and will have new theme music.


A quick, easy-to-make smoothie may set the tone for your next round. [Photo: Sandra A. Gutierrez]
Golf's Good Life

For the golfer not wanting to step to the first tee on a full stomach, drinking breakfast might not be a bad idea. Smoothies offer a great solution. Not only are they super easy to make, but they are tasty and can pack the essentials needed to boost a round — not bust it. 


Long-time golf journalists John Hawkins and Jeff Rude are co-hosts of a weekly podcast, Hawk and Rude, in which they discuss and debate the hottest issues in golf. They will also share their takes in this weekly installment. 

Do you like the Players Championship moving back to March after 12 years in May?



The week's top headlines from Morning Read, Where To Golf Next, What To Wear Next and The Equipment Insider

 PGA Tour players talk rules rebellion
It’s the beginning of the third month of the revised Rules of Golf, and PGA Tour players still are highly critical not only of the 2019 edition but the way in which it was drafted. And there are some mumblings of a possible PGA Tour-specific set of rules.
[Alex Miceli | MR | 3.4.2019 | Read]

 Reflection Bay gets second life
Seldom is a golf course revived from the dead, which is exactly what Reflection Bay Golf Club was following the real estate recession in 2008. But the club, situated 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, was brought back to life in 2014 and today continues to live into big plans.
[David Holland | WTGN | 3.6.2019 | Read]

 King-size order: Keep Arnie in ’The Arnie’
This week’s Arnold Palmer Invittaional is the third since Palmer’s death, enough time for the sting to wear off and a new sense of normalcy to emerge. With each passing year, though, keeping Palmer front and center in the organizers' and players' mindset will be a tall order.
[Jeff Shain | MR | 3.5.2019 | Read

 McIlroy racks up major mojo for Masters
Rory McIlroy has had four cracks at completing the career Grand Slam at Augusta National since winning the British Open in 2014. While McIlroy says he has become more comfortable with the task of completing the career Grand Slam, but the results are all that matter.
[Adam Schupak | MR | 3.7.2019 | Read

 German precision with Italian flair: Duca del Cosma
In the early 2000s, Antje Elle, a German who graduated from the Munich School for Fashion Graphic Design, and Baldovino Mattiazzo, a designer who studied fashion in Florence, fell in love with each other and the game of golf. One offspring of their partnership is Duca del Cosma, a golf shoe and apparel brand.
[Juan Luis Guillen | WTWN | 3.7.2019 | Read]

Slow play benefits Tour, loses viewer 

"That’s what a lot of this is about. The longer it takes to complete a round, the more TV time the tour gets for its product." (“Hawk & Rude,” March 2).

Slow play on the PGA Tour, and the Tour’s attitude and refusal to do anything about it, is because of greed, and nothing more. That is why I no longer watch any golf on TV. Absolutely none. For many years, I watched every minute of most TV golf telecasts. 


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