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The Outpost Club stages more than 70 tournaments a year at such iconic venues as Oakmont Country Club, located outside of Pittsburgh. [Photo: David Droschak]

A decade ago, three guys with backgrounds in golf had a grand vision for a course in the Nebraska prairie. The only problem is that the idea was born during the latter stages of the Great Recession, and was essentially doomed.

So Quentin Lutz, Colin Sheehan and Will Smith regrouped with a new idea, The Outpost Club, an invitation-only golf society that is patterned after the centuries-old British concept. Nearly 10 years later, The OC, as it’s commonly called, is thriving with a membership close to its limit of 800.


The Weekly Briefing

Mark Calcavecchia once likened playing TPC Sawgrass' 17th hole — you know, the one with the island green? — to waiting for a root canal. Bob Tway can empathize as actually endured the pain of finding water four times at the hole during the 2005 Players Championship's third round and recorded a 12.

Each year, the Players Championship's penultimate hole manages to produce some type of drama. This weekend, with the championship back in its March spot on the schedule, the wind could be dicey, and that means more lore, especially in Sunday's final round, could be written.


The Lost Art Of Putting

The attitude you have toward putting will often influence the results. If, in your mind, you believe that any putt outside of 6 feet, for example, will miss the mark, then there is a strong likelihood that will be the case. Therapist Trevor Sylvestor believes what the thinker thinks, the prover proves. Results are based on the stories we tell ourselves.

European Tour coach Gary Nicol and performance coach Karl Morris are co-authors of The Lost Art of Putting. With more than 60 years of combined coaching experience, they have worked with a number of European players, including major champions Graeme McDowell, Darren Clarke, Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel, and European Ryder Cup members Paul Broadhurst, Peter Baker, Phil Price and Gordon Brand Jr. 
This is the first of six excerpts from the book.

According to a 2019 Drinks International Brands Report, Antica Formula is currently the best-selling brand of vermouth. [Photo: Carpano]

Vermouth was created more than 200 years ago and has been a staple ingredient of such drinks as the manhattan and martini. The wine — yes, it’s a wine — has enjoyed a resurgence of late as bartenders seek to customize their customers’ cocktails.


Long-time golf journalists John Hawkins and Jeff Rude are co-hosts of a weekly podcast, Hawk & Rude, in which they discuss and debate the hottest issues in golf. They will also share their takes in this weekly installment. 

How do we appraise Dan Jenkins’ impact on the game as a longtime golf writer and best-selling author?



The week's top headlines from Morning Read, Where To Golf Next, What To Wear Next and The Equipment Insider

 Monahan vows to mend golf’s fences
Golf’s Story of the Year for 2019 should be something exciting, something big. There are already some really worthy candidates, but the winner is trending toward the Rules of Golf. 
[Gary Van Sickle | MR | 3.14.2019 | Read]

 Woods takes detour on road to Augusta
Back when his presence had the power to make or break a tournament, Tiger Woods liked to keep folks guessing. Today, Woods might be the one left guessing.
[Jeff Shain | MR | 3.13.2019 | Read]

 Dyes’ island 17th: For a copy, it’s perfect
The 137-yard par-3 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass’ Stadium Course gets plenty of attention for having an island green. But don't be fooled into thinking it's the first of its kind.
[John Fischer | MR | 3.12.2019 | Read

 A dead solid perfect ode to Dan Jenkins
American sportswriting lost a legend when Dan Jenkins died last week. He left behind his written words, which not only elevated sportswriting, but entertained us in book form. 
[Gary Van Sickle | MR | 3.11.2019 | Read

 Johnston: A fading story worth telling
Bill Johnston’s heyday was a generation ago, maybe even two. All that remain are the stories and even those are fading — if you can even find them. 
[Gary Van Sickle | MRW | 3.9.2019 | Read]

Johnston: A gentleman golfer
What a great story on Mr. Bill Johnston ("Bill Johnston: A fading story worth revisiting," March 9). 

I had the opportunity to meet him through my former career work. I worked on a tax issue he had with one of his courses in the Phoenix area. Through our conversation he learned I was a golfer. Well, after resolving this matter, he came back the next day with an envelope containing two free rounds of golf to the course we worked on and thanked me for my help.


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